Friday, April 8, 2011

The Stolen Body Theory

The stolen body theory says that Jesus' disciples stole His body from the tomb.  This theory is actually in Matthew 28:11-15 and is believed by the Jews. 

The problem with this theory is that it totally overlooks the change in the behavior of the disciples.  None of the disciples had any idea that Jesus would physically rise from the dead three days after his death.  They did not believe the women who went to the tomb and they were hiding out of fear of the Jews.  Then when Jesus appeared to them, they were not overjoyed at first--they were scared and confused. 

Fifty days after this appearance the apostles are preaching boldly and performing miracles in Jerusalem.  It does not add up that if they stole the body that they would become different people. The displayed  such compassion and commitment to the gospel.  All of the disciples, except for John, paid for this claim with their lives.  They would not have given up their lives for a lie!