Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

"'Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, 
For He has visited us and accomplished redemption for His people, 
And has raised up a horn of salvation for us 
In the house of David His servant - 
As He spoke by the mouth of His holy prophets from of old - '"
(Luke 1:68-70, New American Standard Bible).

Jesus was the answer for the Jews and the world for a Redeemer, because He was God's fulfillment of His promise to send a Savior to the world.

"The Lord God of Israel," the faithful One (Psalm 18:2, Luke 1:70), who created the world and provides for it, sent Jesus. Jesus was born through the line of David (Matthew  1:1). This was important, because it fulfilled the old prophecies that God gave years and years before (Genesis 22:18Psalm 89:3-52Luke 1:32Galatians 3:18). As my friend Jenna once said, "Jesus was God's Plan A."

Jesus did not Himself sin, yet His sacrifice paid the price for our sins (Hebrews 9:12). We see the all-powerful God's great love, kindness, and grace in that He sent Christ to us (Luke 1:76-78). Through Him, we are able to be forgiven from our sins, when we ask for it out of a genuine faith, so we can have this good relationship with Him and then walk with Him (Luke 1:79).

Enjoy celebrating our great Savior with loved ones today! Let us pray we get the chance to share who He is with someone else this week. Praise God that He is Emmanuel, God with us.

Best wishes for a merry Christmas!

Recommended song: "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" by Sojourn Music www.youtube.com - "O Come O Come Emmanuel"