Wednesday, December 21, 2011

God's Greatest Gift!

God's Greatest Gift is not found under a tree! This Christmas, I pray, that you receive so many "gifts" that only God can give...

Jesus is going from life to life, home to home, looking for those that will open their heart and make room for Him to live forever! There was "no room for Him" in the Inn over 2000 years ago, have you made room for JESUS and invited HIM to come INN to your life? Who are you praying for that still needs to make Jesus Lord this Christmas? You can count on our prayers for those that need the Lord!! ♥Hope Has Come♥

Praying with Joy as God’s Greatest GIFT, His name is ♥JESUS♥, blesses your life this Christmas and New Year in many special ways, some of which, are mentioned in one of my favorite verses ♥Isaiah 9:6♥

Merry Christmas & Blessed New Year from the Jones Family to You and Your Family!