Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mercy Ministry - A glimpse of a free health clinic

"But Peter said, 'I don't have silver or gold, but what I have, I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, get up and walk!'"
-Acts 3:6, Holman Christian Standard Bible

He was a little guy.  His eyes rested shut as he was sleeping, and the woman carrying him glowed as she introduced herself and the sleeping baby boy she was holding.  Every once and a while, his eyes would peek open, then he would fall back asleep.  I was told he loved to be held, and sure enough, when someone held him, his eyes opened with life as he scanned the person holding him.

In the Bible, we can read so much about how believers can come together in community and then go out to share their faith.  What does that look like, though?  We can love our brother and sisters in Christ, forgiving each other, and we can remind each other of the Good News of Christ.  A neat thing, too, is that Jesus asked us to go out and make disciples.  He not only wanted to take care of the body of believers, but He also wants us to go out and share His love and message with others.  That's so others may know God and have a relationship with Him, too.

Last weekend, my community group and some others helped my church host a free medical clinic in town.  From noon until about 4pm, the doors of the church were opened for people to have free health services.  I was a part of a group serving as advocates.  We walked a person or a family through the services offered.  Not everyone was a member of the church who was serving that day.  Some stations included nurses, a chiropractor, Pharmacy items, warm spaghetti, doctors, and a clothing room.  One of my favorite parts was when the lady and baby boy I was with were on the third floor, and a little girl ran up to show us her beautiful magenta fingernails - there was free nail painting, haircuts, and massages offered on that floor.  It was neat to see how many people came together to love and help people from the neighborhood in a way that they could.

I realized that really I am in need, too.  Sometimes, we do not see known physical needs, but we all of us need Christ, the Savior, who came to sacrifice for us.  We can come to Him in brokenness, seeing that we do not having anything to give that would match what He has to give.  He gives those who believe in Him the Holy Spirit to transform us from the inside out.  Even though putting on or serving at a health clinic is not something we all may do soon, we can share Jesus and who He is with others, wherever we go today.  

Here's a link to a video from the clinic last year -
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