Friday, January 14, 2011

Counting the Cost

My husband and I went to Indonesia in December to visit a couple of his former students who are missionaries in West Indonesia and for him to teach at a seminary in East Indonesia while I shared with the women there.   

We found Indonesia to be as dark spiritually as we thought it would be, but I was struck by the joy of the Indonesian Christians that we met.  They truly knew and experienced the grace and joy of knowing Christ.  However, they also truly knew and counted the cost of following Christ. 

The first question they are asked after receiving Christ is:  "Will you profess your faith by being baptized?"  and the second question is:  "Are you willing to die for your faith?"  Those who are witnessing don't pull any punches or try to soften the commitment of living for Christ.  Thinking about asking those two questions probably had as much impact on me as anything else.  I wonder how many of us would so joyfully receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior if those were the first questions that were asked of us? 

How often do we try to water the gospel down in order to make it "easier" to make converts?  This challenges me to be much bolder in sharing my faith and to share Jesus must be our Savior AND Lord!