Tuesday, June 14, 2011

be a ripple of faith

Surely you have watched a pebble skip across the water and seen how it sent ripples that reached to the far edges of the lake. Imagine yourself by that lake again. Feel the warm breeze as it brushes across your face and blows your clothing. Sense the beauty of the sun and the way it makes the water sparkle as the sun hits it. Adjust your shades to catch its brilliance. Steal a glance at the clear blue sky and see how it colors the water. Play with the grass between your toes. And sit back and reflect upon the important things in life.  Imagine you have one of the smooth pebbles in your hand. Feel it. Think about how many years of rushing water had to flow over it to sand away all the rough edges. Now go ahead, give it your best shot and toss it across the water and pretend it skips and touches time after time across the lake. See the ripples it leaves. See how they just keep going and going and even run together as one set of ripples touches another set of ripples. What an impact one smooth little pebble makes on such a huge lake. Now imagine you are not alone but with an array of others scattered all around the waters' edge, each one passionately aiming their precious stones into the lake. The ripple effect can be seen and heard by all. What an incredible sight it is…each one just being faithful to cover its part of the lake, just what is within its reach, and thus making such a huge impact on the whole.

Thus are the effects of the ripples of faith that we can be a part of as believers. When we skip our smooth pebbles into the lake of life, we make an incredible impact on those around us. Not only do we see a difference, but that difference is seen unto the ends of the lake. Whether everyone joins you or you are there alone, you can make a difference where you are. Be a ripple of faith in order to make a difference in this kingdom on earth as well as in the kingdom to come.