Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Artist

"For thus says the Lord, who created the heavens (He is the God who formed the earth and made it, He established it and did not create it a waste place, but formed it to be inhabited), 'I am the Lord, and there is none else'" (Isaiah 45:18, NASB).  

This past week, God has reminded me of how He is Creator and the supreme artist. God stands out to me in that He was the first artist. He has proved how He can take nothing and blank and turn it into something beautiful and life-giving.

The way a tree loses its leaves in the fall is eye-catching and beautiful. The richness of its colors, the grace of its falling leaves and the crisp air that surrounds it can make us stand in awe (and want to reach for a sweater). We snap photos, play in its leaves or simply stop and stare to take it all in.

Just like God created the beauty of trees and how they change colors in the fall, He also created us in His image and can renew us to reflect His beauty more.  

Is someone on your mind who doesn't know this great Artist whose works have been seen around the world? Let's remember that He is a miracle-worker, this Artist. He turns darkness into light and makes beautiful things. He can give us fresh starts, as He offers forgiveness without strings attached. He wants a genuine, loving relationship with His people. He can renew our hearts so that we love more like Him.
Kelli Martin

How does God being Creator impact you today? Let's pray and ask God for renewal in ourselves, in our communities and in our world. Let's thank Him for His creation and the work He is doing in the world and in people today. Let's ask Him for fresh eyes to see times we can share with others what it's like to know the
greatest artist of all time.

The band Gungor has a couple of songs that stand out to me about God as Creator. I recommend, "Beautiful Things" and "My Father's World."