Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top Ten Mistakes Women Leaders Make - #3 Not taking Courageous Risks

#3 Courageous Risk-taking

            If we long to make a difference in the life we have on this earth, then we must be willing to be courageous and take risks. There is a great lesson that God gave to Joshua in Joshua 1:3-9. The Israelites were preparing to cross the Jordan into the Promised Land. God told them in verse 3-5 that He would give them every place where they set their feet. He would extend their territory and no one would be able to stand up against them all the days of their lives. He promised to be with them and never to leave or forsake them. God told Joshua three times to be strong and courageous. God also told Joshua how to do this. In verses 3-6, God showed that He was faithful. In verses 7-8, the command was given to meditate on His Word, and in verse 9, the reminder is there that God would always be with them. The only way to be strong and courageous is to depend on God's faithfulness, stay in the Word and to remember that He will walk with us every step or leap of the way. Courage is something we have to pursue. We can't just sit and wait for courage to come to us, we must go after it. 
            The other part of being courageous is that of taking risks. We must be willing to take risks but must also know when to take them. When we look at the concept of risk, timing is very important. I cannot help but think of the times that I rushed into one of my boss’s offices with a passion to talk (or at some times raise my voice) about a particular issue. I thank God that the times when I was in passionate pursuit and about to risk my job, that the one I was there to see was not there or had someone in his office. When God was in something and I was totally prayed up and calm, I could walk in and all the doors would be open and the timing was perfect.  Those of us willing to risk, must watch the timing so we do not ruin a good thing.
            In developing a national ministry to women in the area of evangelism, timing is very important.  Lots of prayer must go into when things take place.  Most of us want everything now.  We must learn to be strategic and get with God about His plan and His timing.  When we are in the Word on a daily basis, we will be sensitive to Him and He will help us to know when the timing is right.

Today's blog taken from Women Leading Women, The Biblical Model for the Church, chapter 5 written by Jaye Martin.