Friday, February 3, 2012

Always Be Prepared!

"Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.  But do this with gentleness and respect."  I Peter 3:15

I recently had to fly to Kansas City from Louisville. After a very late night, on Friday, I had to get up at five to go to the airport.  I was looking forward to taking a good nap on the plane before I got to Kansas.  I was in a window seat with two other empty seats.  The stewards were about to close the door and I thought to myself, "Yes!  I am going to have the three seats to myself, so I can really get a good nap." 

However, at the last minute, another man got on and sat on the aisle seat of where I was.  I thought I could still nap, but this business man was full of conversation.  He talked about his late wife, who died three years earlier of cancer and about his grandkids.  As he was sharing, I was feeling nudged by the Lord that I needed to share the gospel.  My mind knew that would be the thing to do, but my body was fighting my mind due to being tired.  But as the man shared, he kept bringing up the word "it was her destiny" that she had cancer or "it was destiny that caused such and such." 

I had recently read the book Heaven is for Real-- and whether or not theologians would agree, that book made an easy bridge to asking if the man had ever read it and if he believed in heaven.  Just through the title of the book I was able to share the whole gospel with him.  His eyes teared up as I shared how a person could be SURE he could go to heaven when he dies. 

After I shared, I was not sure he would want to continue talking, but he did.  At the end of the flight he thanked me for visiting with him.  I pray for that man, that the Holy Spirit would bring to his remembrance the truth of Scripture.  I was reminded AGAIN by the Lord that He wants me available ANY time to share His Good News with people, whether I am tired or not.  I am to take every opportunity He gives me. 

Lord, let me be more bold and less selfish with my opportunities to share You with others!  Thank you for the privilege it is to share the greatest news people could ever hear--about Jesus Christ and the forgiveness He offers and the eternal life he promises!