Thursday, February 2, 2012


"And there came a voice from heaven:
'This is My beloved Son.
I take delight in Him!'"
-Matthew 3:17, Holman Christian Standard Bible

In the verse above, God the Father takes great delight in Jesus.  Jesus was in His plan all along.  My Old Testament professor, Dr. Betts, said that the first description of God that comes to his mind is "faithful."  God is not only faithful in keeping His promises, but also faithful in His ways and character.  We see God's love and plan in His Son, Jesus.

In Matthew 3:17, God the Father is speaking.  What He says alludes to two verses from the Old Testament:

Psalm 2:6-7 - "I will declare the Lord's decree: He said to Me, 'You are My Son, today I have become Your Father'" (HCSB).

Isaiah 42:1 - "'This is My Servant; I strengthen Him, This is My chosen One; I take delight in Him. I have put My Spirit on Him; He will bring justice to the nations'" (HCSB).

These verses in the Old Testament speak of the coming Messiah, Jesus.  He is both King (Psalm 2) and Savior (Isaiah 42).  It amazes me how the Old Testament helps explain the New.

God has had a plan all along, and He desires a relationship with us today.  We can see that in how Jesus came to suffer in our place.  We can praise His name because He's faithful and ready to forgive, save and lead us!

How can we share this joy and awe with someone today?  I pray God gives us courage and wisdom to do that.  Maybe they'll be able to stand with us to praise Him one day.

If you want to read more in context, here are links to the chapters:
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This verse made me think of Remedy Drive's song, "All Along."