Thursday, September 23, 2010

thanks for expensive internet access

"For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness,
but one of power, love, and sound judgment"
(1 Timothy 1:7, HCSB).

This weekend, while I was sitting by a window in the baggage claim of an airport, a man asked me if my laptop had found free internet access.  I felt about half-awake as I glanced at the access, and then we decided that the cost for it was unattractive.  He started making casual conversation, as I prayed for patience, since I had first sat to read or take a nap.

He was a friendly one, and I liked hearing about his wife and kids who were about to pick him up.  He had just returned from visiting his parents in Hawaii, and as we talked, he asked me why I had moved away from Texas.  As I explained how I admire the school I am attending, we started talking about the Bible as absolute truth. 

When he started talking about other religions, I am covinced that the Holy Spirit guided our conversation, since I often do not feel like an expert.  God gave me peace as I just tried to thoughtfully and genuinely answer questions.  The man received my questions, as well, and I realized God was helping me see past my initial fear so that I could share my faith that He is the only way. 

Later, I realized that three people had prayed for me to be able to share my faith that weekend.  Even though the man did not pray to follow Jesus that day, I am thankful that the Holy Spirit helped me share more about who He is.  Hopefully, that man will want to learn more about Jesus in the future.

How can we praise God and share His story today?