Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Christmas!!

This past week, our family put up our Christmas decorations in our home. However, this is the first year that my husband and I have had children in our home for this occasion. Our three year old (foster) son was with us as we pulled all of the decorations out of boxes and began to set up the Christmas tree. We had just fixed the base when our son exclaimed "WOW MOMMY...IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!" About every five minutes for the next three days, he would leave the room only for moments at a time, and then run back in to check and see if "it was still Christmas". Every single time he saw the tree, he reminded us that "WOW MOMMY...IT'S STILL CHRISTMAS!" Something so familiar to so many people (a Christmas tree) is the most amazing sight to this little boy no matter how many times he sees it! This season, some of you may have heard the Christmas story hundreds, or even thousands of times. However, may we take a moment to remember the wonder and amazement that Christ chose to humble himself and come to earth for sinners like you and me. May our hearts express a child-like faith and awe every time we hear the Christmas story this season..."WOW...CHRIST HAS COME!"