Friday, October 21, 2011

A Woman of Prayer

When thinking back over people I know using their giftedness to bring people to Christ I immediately thought of a pastor's wife, Mrs. C. C. Warren in Charlotte, N.C. She was the pastor's wife when I started going to this little Baptist church at the end of my street after being brought up in a large chuch of a different denomination. My parents were very faithful in making sure we were involved in church, but I did not know what a personal relationship with Christ was like until I went to this little Baptist church/mission. I accepted Christ as my person Lord and Savior after attending for three weeks at the age of fifteen. I finished high school, went to the University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill and then to seminary to get a Masters in Christian Education. While I was there I received a letter from Mrs. Warren tellng me that she had prayed for me EVERY day since she met me--for me to come to a personal relationship with Christ and to serve Him faithfully. That was every day for 8 years! She had the gift of prayer for evangelism and was very diligent to follow that calling. There is no way to tell how many people she "prayed into the Kingdom," but that was something she did in her season of life as a senior adult and with her gift. I am thankful!