Friday, June 28, 2013

Facing Trials

Being able to help others deal with the issue of trials and suffering is an important issue in life. Job's situation is a good example to examine. After Job had gone through SO many trials, Job feels like, it finally says in 31:35, Oh, that I had someone to hear me. I sign now my defense - let the Almighty answer me; let my accuser put his indictment in writing. Job 31:35

Do not ever be hesitant to admit that you are worn out and perhaps disappointed with God. You may have done what is right and for the right reasons. You might wonder how God could have permitted such a thing? Because God is good and fair, compassionate and loving, we anticipate His responding in ways we think He should act. However, we can't comprehend God and can't see things from His perspective.

After verse 31, one of Job's friends gives a speech. Then, God's message to Job began in ch. 38 and does not finish until the end of 41. He asks where God was at the foundation of the earth, and He takes a tour around the universe. He asks Job if he provides food for animals or when animals give birth, who made the wild donkey free, why the songs of the ostrich flap joyfully and who gives the horse its strength.
Sharon Beougher

Then, Job - in gentle submission - rests his case in the Father's will. He says, "You instruct me and as a result of Your instruction I will willingly submit and accept it." There is no hint of personal rights. There is no demand for God to understand him. There is no self-pity or depression. He is completely at rest.

At the end of God's speech, with NOTHING changed and with NONE of his questions answered, Job says essentially "I am Yours." I am totally amazed and challenged to see Job's submission without getting answers.

Then, he continues with, "I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, But now my eyes see You; Therefore I retract and I repent in dust and ashes" (see Job 42:4-6). Job sees God and knows that He is enough.

If you have time, read through the book of Job and be amazed at Job's response throughout his whole series of trials.