Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jesus is Coming Back!

Last weekend, I let my two oldest children (ages 3 & 2) watch "The Easter Story" animated movie. They are still enthralled by all things Easter right now, especially how the "big, shiny angel" moved that "giant rock" to "get Jesus out!"In preparation for Easter weekend, they have watched this movie a few times, and are constantly begging me to "watch Jesus' Easter again" even now that the official day has passed. However, last night when I went to put the movie on, I accidentally hit the power button instead of the play button on the dvd player, turning the movie off instead of starting to play. Immediately my kids let me know that their movie was NOT coming on and I needed to fix that right away. I turned the power back on, and the all blue screen filled my TV. All of the sudden, I heard my two year old little girl yell out "Momma - Jesus is coming back!!" Then she turned to her brother and said "See, He's coming back...See Him? See Him?". She continued to shout and clap and yell out "Jesus is back! Yay! Jesus is coming back!" As I smiled at her enthusiasm, I also felt quickly convicted about my own passion for the return of Jesus Christ. When I am confronted with the reality that Christ WILL return, many times I can react passively, as though this is a normal, known fact of being a Christian. However, this reality should be my driving hope, passion and fuel for living the Christian life. He is not dead; He is risen; He will return! Today, may we choose to live in the reality that Christ is coming back, and may that reality fuel us to excitedly share this truth with others!