Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leaders Encouraging Leaders! (please click on this link for your free leadership notebook! please pass this on to someone that you are encouraging!)

As today's Christian women growing as evangelistic leaders, I can not think of a better resource to share with you than this free down-loadable leadership notebook written and compiled by Jaye Martin! It may have been released years ago when Jaye was leading HeartCall, but even this week, as we prepare to share HeartCall & Gifted2Go next week at SBTS, God has drawn me back to so many of the leadership tools that sharpen and encourage as we reach out to others and Share Jesus!

Please dive into this free 50 page notebook and print off anything that encourages you in your walk and witness for Jesus as we spur one another on for God's Glory!! Please sharpen/encourage someone else with this evangelistic tool!

(Come & Fill This Place!)