Saturday, March 12, 2011

On the Road Again

"And they were on the road, going up to Jerusalem, and Jesus was walking ahead of them. And they were amazed, and those who followed were afraid. And taking the twelve again, he began to tell them what was to happen to him" (Mark 10:32, ESV).

I was reading the passage in Mark 10 the other day when I came across this verse. "On the Road Again" is not only a familiar song, it has become my themesong. I have to admit that I used to think traveling to be glamerous (it does have it's moments) but the more I get to travel and the older I am, the less I like it.

In this verse, Jesus is on the road again. He is traveling with the disciples. In the passage, do you see what I see? Jesus was walking ahead of them. I love that. They were following Him. The verse also says that they were amazed! Yes, they were afraid, or at least some were. When we walk on the road of life, it is best to walk with Jesus, and to follow Him. When we do, there might be times we are afraid. However, there will be amazement!

Let's follow His lead today. I love being amazed at how He provides, protects, and walks us through the hard times. I love how He leads and comforts us on the road of life.